2012 BC


2012 BC is an act led by Steven Cravis (multi-instrumentalist, composer & producer), with lyrics by DC Bianchino and vocals by Felicia Farerre and Mark Hadley.

DC Bianchino and Steven Cravis met back in 1991 on the Boston Green Line. Cravis was holding a salad, Bianchino said “That looks like a healthy meal”. Cravis replied “You must not be from around here, do you notice nobody talks?” (The tram was packed).

That began their conversation…Cravis said he  composed music but didn’t write lyrics. Bianchino is a poet, lyricist and visionary. They exchanged numbers and the rest is history….

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There are six 2012 BC tracks on Spotify, including the latest single ‘Yugoslavia’. Click the play button in the widget below to hear it.

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