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The multi-talented Steven Cravis is an inspired pianist, composer, producer, web designer – the list just goes on! While Steven is a truly fluent musician in the ambient/new age genre, he also creates for TV, Film and Video Game production.

 2012 BC

2012 BC is a musical project headed by musician Steven Cravis and lyricist DC Bianchino, with vocals from featured artist Felicia Farerre and Mark Hadley (me!). 2012 BC will gradually release a full album, single by single, during 2012.


Brilliant vocalist & lyricist,  Justin Currie (ex Del Amitri). I always wanted to sing like Justin, failed, but learnt along the way. I have seen him live 8 times so far and off to see the Del Amitri reunion in January 2014!

Justin Currie (left), Mark Hadley (right).
Justin finally conceded that I was the better vocalist. He likes doing things for charity.

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